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The key of our success born for a collaboration with the best ITALIAN companies of beekeeping sector,
that guarantee to us high quality of supplies at wholesale prices: have you got doubts?
Take a look at the Honey Extractor, Honey Tanks, food's Drums, to realize who we are: Download Honey Extractor & Mellower price list
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With the availability of a large warehouse, we are able to satisfy different needs of our customers, made up of both professional beekeepers, hobbyists and associations in every place!

Through our sales network we reply very quickly to the delivery of custom products; a network of reliable carriers, is able to deliver the goods as soon as possible, like they would be delivered from the manufacturer's warehouse .

Continuous contact with our customers, enables us to receive feedback which will be useful in improving our services.
We can submit new requests and / or suggestions directly to businesses producer sector, to get the best quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the equipment we propose.

We can only wish you good navigation within our store.

For any clarification and / or suggestions please contact us!

Our Beekeeping Shop is structured to sell online mainly to private customers, worldwide, Italian VAT 20% included. That doesnt preclude the possibility to deal with registered companies; also in this case, we will confirm online prices and the sale will be handled directly by our supplier and manufacturer of the products shown on our website. Therefore, do not hesitate to get in contact with us, also for bigger orders.

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